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Red Crown Green Parrot is the walking route through Mattancherry which deals with the forgotten cultural heritage of the Malabar Jewish community from the viewpoints of the artists as descendant of Malabar Jews, born in Israel and based in Jerusalem (Eliyahu) and a Muslim, born and raised in Kochi, now based in Dubai (Zakriya). 

The presence of the Malabar Jews has vanished almost entirely from the physical space and collective memory in Mattancherry. The absence is a result of the massive emigration of the entire community to Israel as well as other circumstances. Drawing inspiration from different Malabar culture motifs the project shed light on the loss of the unique multicultural dialogue that characterized Mattancherry in the past. We invite the city residents and visitors to walk through the streets and to discover the historical sites and recent artists’ interventions.


Special thanks to

 Jew Town residences,  Ophira Gamliel, Biju Thomas,  C.Karmachandran, Barbara C. Johnson, Elias Josephai , Ajay Menon & Harshad Ali,  Klara Trencseny, Edgar Pinto, Miki Joelson, Irena Gordon, and Nili Finkelstein


Historical texts : Meydad Eliyahu  Map design: Shimrit Levy

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