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Tekkumbagam synagogue | Synagogue Ln | Jew Town Rd

This Malabari synagogue, which has now completely disappeared, once stood in front of Sarah Cohen’s famous house. In 1955, after most of the community left Kochi, the synagogue was demolished. At the end of the 20th century, a two-storey high residence was built on the same piece of land. The Torah ark of the Tekkumbagam synagogue is now part of the Magnes Collection, Berkeley, California, USA.

Moshe| Market Rd | Jew Town Rd

Based on an historical photo of Meydad Eiyahu's great grandfather and other Malabari Jewish leaders taken in Fort Kochi, this work symbolize the absurde situation Malabari Jews had when they imigrated to Israel, forced by the Israeli goverment at the time to leave some family members behind.  Like many other Eliyahu's great grandfather passed a way in Cochin after most of his family imigrated to Israel.

A.B SALEM | Jew Town Rd |A.B SALEM Rd

Abraham Barak Salem (1882–1967) Known as the "Jewish Gandhi”, A.B. Salem was a lawyer, politician and activist for equality between the different groups of Jews in Kerala. Salem was the Malabari Jews’ ambassador when the Israeli government delayed the community’s massive immigration to Israel during the 1950’s and eventually succeeded in allowing them to immigrate.


Nehemiah Mota Tomb | Jew Town Rd | Jew street | 

Nehemiah ben Abraham Mota-( ?–1615) known as Namia Mootha (”the elder”) was the most important Kabbalist and poet of the Malabari Jews. His unique tomb was the only one which survived; it is now a site of worship for local Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus. Traditionally on the first day of the Hanukkah festival, Jews visit and pray near his tomb.

The green painted parrots are directing the way to the tomb

Kadavumbagam Synagogue | Jew Town Rd 

Kadavumbagam Synagogue ,this Malabari synagogue built in the14th century is one of the oldest in Kerala and the oldest in Fort Kochi. After the massive emigration of local Jews to Israel in the 1950s, the synagogue changed owners, until  1991 when the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, purchased the interior wooden structure and reconstructed it in the Museum. At present, only the bare structure remains. The original synagogue's Torah ark was brought to Israel by the early 1950s, but found its way to Nehalim, an Israeli village of European Jews. 

Rivka Daniel | Jew Town Rd 

Ruby "Rivka" Daniel- (1912-2002) was the first Malayali woman in the Indian Navy and the first  Malabari Jew to publish a memoir, the book "Ruby of Cochin." Her research collaboration with Barbara C. Johanson dramatically changed the accepted picture of Kerala Jewish women’s songs and the story

of Mattancherry to add fascinating layer of ethnographic cultural knowledge.

Kapelile | Jew Town Rd

Based on the location of this wall infornt of a former Jewish house, now a big Ships repair workshop and a motif from an old box found in Eliyahu's family, the work is dedicated to an ancient Jewish malayalam song about a couple in thier wedding day sailing in a ship

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